Summer of Sport!

It's been a great summer of sport across the country as w've welcomed the IAAF World Athletics Championships, Wimbledon and the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup to name only a few sporting events we've had the pleasure of having on our doorsteps!  

We've been inspired to try out all sorts of sports this summer, with all our extra sessions giving us plenty of chance to get through as many as we could - athletics in Normanton, football in Cotmanhay, climbing in Chesterfield, badminton in Sinfin, curling in Kirk Hallam - the list continues! 

Although we'll be returning to our normal schedule of weekly sessions next week, there's still 20+ free sessions on offer each week across Derbyshire's communities. For a full timetable please see here, and if you know any children or young people who would like to get involved, send them our way! There's no pre-registration necessary for any of our open sessions. 

Summer has not only meant more sports sessions to keep our young people active, but also has seen us introducing more food than ever to our sessions as we try and help alleviate the growing problem of holiday hunger. 

Weekly food collections from FareShare in the Erewash region have allowed us to feed all participants at our Street Project and Chilled Out Youth sessions there, as well as providing the ingredients for the cooking classes we've been holding at Derwent Youth Club in Derby where we've made all sorts, from smoothies to spaghetti bolognaise! 

In Chesterfield, we've worked with local councillors and volunteers to deliver a whole summer of activities and food for young people in Rother who go without their free school meals every holiday. Our young people have been able to try out all sorts of activities, including climbing and kayaking, and have had a summer full of fun, whilst staying healthy and most importantly fed. 

We have already secured funding to carry out a similar project in Petersham, Erewash, next half term, and will continue to use FareShare to keep as many of our young people fit and fed as we can throughout the year! 

August 2017