Toyota Road to Success - we're halfway there!

Last week’s harsh look at unemployment figures among our youth might have come across as slightly heavy or even uncomfortable reading for some. The truth is, it’s not all bad, and the young people we get to help on their way into education, employment or training are the sole reason we have a dedicated programme for doing just this.

Being honest, it isn’t easy to recruit these young people on to the project when they either simply don’t want to engage, we logistically can’t reach them or our capacity just isn’t large enough to dedicate extra time to visiting job centres, the YMCA, youth referral teams – the list goes on. However, those that we do get on board are committed to changing their lives for the better, have stuck to the project’s timetable (which does include getting up on time!) and are getting more and more life experience and skills as the project continues.

With a first aid qualification, CV and interview skills, budget management and presentation/public speaking workshops already under their belts, plus two exclusive tours of both Toyota and East Midlands Airport and the opportunities they bring, both kindly provided by the respective businesses, the project is shaping up to be extremely successful as we reach the halfway point.

All our participants are really engaging with the new opportunities that Road to Success has brought them, with several applying for jobs with our support before the project has even finished! Their willingness to learn and improve is fantastic to see and makes our jobs so worthwhile.

This was all confirmed this week when we had a talk with John McAvoy, reformed criminal and member of the notorious London organised crime scene turn elite athlete. His determination and perseverance to better his life was a characteristic our participants could really relate to, and they were so impressed with his drive. The questions they asked and the way in which they were able to picture their own dreams and aims after such an inspirational talk was hugely rewarding for all of them, as well as for us. Followed by a leadership and role models session, our participants left feeling thoroughly inspired with new ideas about reaching their potential.

There’s still lots for our young people to learn on the project with more workshops and tasks planned for the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated with where they’re at!