Race Information

Important Update: 5th February 2021

Almost a year on from our original postponement of 2020’s Derby 10K, we unfortunately find ourselves in a similar position of uncertainty regarding the pandemic and the impact it is continuing to have on large-scale events across the country.

While we hope the outlook does change by later in the Spring, as a result of the ongoing lockdown and the increased likelihood of continued restrictions, it is clear that the viability of an event in April 2021 is very low. Therefore, we are taking the decision to again postpone the Derby 10K to later in 2021.

We are working with all local partners and sponsors, including Derby City Council and Derby County Football Club, along with following all relevant updates from the government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation to best plan and safeguard the Derby 10K.

We are proposing an Autumn event which will take place on a Sunday in October, for which a date will be confirmed as soon as possible, in line with announcement of next season’s football club fixtures.

By postponing to the Autumn, we hope to deliver an event as close as usual to the Derby 10K as possible, which all our runners have come to know and enjoy. While there will be more health and safety measures in place than before the pandemic, we believe this timeframe gives us the best chance of offering you all a safe, enjoyable event.

Following on from last year’s postponement and eventual cancellation, we have three different categories of entrants. Places in the October 2021 race will be allocated in the following order:

Category 1: All entrants who paid an administration fee to defer their place from October 2020 to April 2021.

Category 2: All entrants who took part in the virtual event in October 2020 and therefore qualify for an early bird entry.

Category 3: Any other new or returning runners who would like to participate.

It is still unknown if entry numbers will need to be restricted this year, but the above categories will ensure spaces are allocated fairly should this become a restriction.

In the event of entry restrictions, each category will be given a designated time period to secure their place, reverting to a first come, first served for all those not in Category 1 if restrictions enforce this.

There may be further changes to ensure our participants’ safety, which of course is our paramount concern, and we will continue to adapt to guidance.

We have worked tirelessly since the original postponement to try and deliver a safe event for our dedicated runners, and just like events all over the country, we are deeply sorry to have to arrive at this conclusion.

Events are a crucial lifeline for our charity, and your support does not go unnoticed. By continuing to take part in the Derby 10K, you are enabling so many of our important projects to continue. Across lockdown we have delivered over 500,000 minutes of virtual activity to keep communities safe, fit and connected and we thank you for helping us to sustain this delivery.

Further information will be published in due course in line with further government guidance.

For any further questions at this stage, please contact derby10k@dcct.co.uk.