Couch to 10K.. how's it going?

The Central Health Derby 10K is a fast and fairly flat route, that we want to be inclusive for everyone. For those who are new to running, or haven’t run in quite some time, the distance can be daunting, so here at race HQ we enlisted the help of our friend Andy Brooks at Peak Running to come up with a plan.. a 24 week Couch to 10K plan, specifically.

Last year, the plan was 13 weeks long, and it was great, but we still felt that we could help runners more, whilst still providing an opportunity for those who were more comfortable with running to join in too.

So we asked Andy to devise something that anyone, any age, gender, fitness level, hair colour, the list continues, could take part in. And that’s exactly what we got!

Back in October the plan started with next to no running. Walking was the aim of the game, jogging was second in importance, because it was more about getting out, getting in the right frame of mind, and getting those trainers on.

The start of the plan was followed by our first runners’ workshop around a month in, where runners were invited to talk about the start of their training, any difficulties they’d come across and how to keep motivated, especially through the colder winter months.

This was then followed by two meet up runs, one in December and one in January, where the groups, led by Andy, took on the longest run on week 5 and week 10 of the plan. As well as heading out to run, warm up and cool down exercises were covered to emphasise their importance in any training.

So, it’s week 12, and what have our runners got to say about their progress so far?

“When I started the training for 10K I had recently completed a Couch to 5k by myself and I was ready for a new challenge. Attending the training meetings have really helped me gather helpful tips from other runners”, said one of our Couch to 10K followers.

Tom, from Captial East Midlands Drive Time show, decided to take on his first 10K by following the Couch to 10K plan. Although he claims rest days are his favourite days (we know you love running really Tom!) he says that having the plan is a great way to focus your attention on making your run a priority for the day instead of an after thought.

So, it’s not too late to get on board, if you’re already partway through your training the plan is there to keep you motivated, maximise your training potential and stay fit and healthy throughout.

Want to learn more?

Our second workshop on effective training will be held on 25th January, from 6-8pm at Derby County Community Trust, 14 Pride Point Drive, Derby, DE24 8BX. Drop us an email at to book a place!