Couch to 10K

Our Couch to 10K is a 24-week plan designed to help all our runners structure and plan their training to be in their best shape for the race!

Free to all runners, the plan begins on 30th October 2017 and runs all the way until race day.

Download the plan here, it will be updated every Friday and provide different points for runners to join in depending on their current ability.

For an indication, here's where we recommend joining the plan, depending on your current fitness level:

Weeks 1-4 (30th October-26th November): beginners/those who haven't ran for a prolonged period

Weeks 5-9 (27th Novmeber-31st December): for those who are already jogging, but have not yet completed a continuous 5k

Weeks 10-15 (1st January-11th February): for those who can comfortably run a continuous 5km

Weeks 16-21 (12th February-25th March): for regular runners who can comfortably cover 7-8km and want some structure to their training in the weeks leading up to the race