Cancellation FAQs

I had already deferred my entry to 2021 when the March postponement was announced, what do I do now?

As there are more options that have been added and our terms and conditions have changed, please complete the new form here and let us know how you would like us to process your entry.

How long have I got to decide on my options?

The platform for processing the new options will remain open until 25th September for you to make your choices.  If we haven’t received a response by then your entry will be processed as Option 1 - donating your 2020 entry fee to Derby County Community Trust and re-entering in 2021 if required.

If I choose Option 1, what do I do next?

Thank you for donating your entry fee to Derby County Community Trust. It is hugely appreciated and will enable us to carry on the vital work we do in the community. You will receive an email when entries are open for 2021 (expected to be w/c 26th October). At this point you can enter yourself as you normally would for the event.

If I choose Option 2, what do I do next?

Thank you for joining in with our first ever virtual event! Please see the below question for more details on the event itself.

Once we are ready to accept your entry for 2021 (expected to be w/c 26th October) you will be sent a unique link and discount code to use. You can the access our entry console and enter yourself as you normally would for the event.  You will be given our lowest entry rate of £18 per person (£22 for Business Team Runners).

This code will stay live for 10 days. The expiry date will be made clear in the email you will receive.

What is the virtual event?

Registered runners can complete a 10K run of their choice anytime between Sunday 18th October and Sunday 25th October (or, if you already ran the 10K on the original race weekend you can use those results).

Pick your route, track your time and submit your results and evidence to the Derby County Community Trust events team to be included in the virtual results.

A link for you to record your results will be sent once you let us know that you would like to be included in the virtual event.

We would also encourage you to join our Derby 10K club on Strava to see how your results compare to other runners:

Please do not attempt to complete the usual 10K course without our road closures in place as they are there to ensure your safety.

Please consult direct government and NHS advice regarding your health during this time. 

Do we get a medal for completing the virtual challenge?

Absolutely. As we were so close to our original event date in March when we had to postpone, all our medals were ordered and delivered. You’ve done the hard work so we will absolutely reward you for it.  Medal collection points will be published in due course – just excuse the date on them, we didn’t quite plan for this!

If I choose Option 3, what do I do next?

Once you select this option from the entry console you will be directed to a payment screen to take the admin fee to process the transfer (£12). This fee covers the cost of race merchandise and administrative fees. Once payment has been made you won’t need to do anything else. We will automatically transfer your details to the 2021 race and no extra payment is needed and next year’s race pack including T-shirt and number will be delivered prior to the 2021 event.

Please only contact if any of your details have changed from when you originally entered e.g. postal address, emergency contact details or medical conditions that we need to be aware of.

If I choose Option 4, what do I do next?

Once the entry console closes on 25th September we will start to process refunds (minus the 50% cancellation fee to cover merchandise and administrative costs). 

Please bear with us as this is likely to take some time. Refunds can only be processed back on to the card that was used to make the original payment. You don’t need to re-provide these details. If there are any issues processing the refund, the events team will be in touch.

I didn’t receive my race pack and T-shirt before the March event, what should I do?

For all standard entries (those who entered before 10.00am on 28th February), race packs should have been sent out to you. Please still register for whichever option you like and then email us at to let us know your pack didn’t arrive. We will look into this and ensure you get your T-shirt.

Any late entrants (received after 10.00am on 28th February) will not have received their race packs in the post. These runners will be able to collect a T-shirt after the virtual event has taken place.  Details of collection points will be released in due course.

What do we do with our race numbers?

Race numbers are not compulsory for the virtual event, although you can wear them if you want to keep that race day experience. Please keep a note of your race number somewhere as we will ask for it if you would like to feature in the virtual results. Email if you have lost or forgotten your number and would like to be included.

New race numbers will be issued for 2021 so you can dispose of your race number when you wish.

I have received my race pack and want to change my T-shirt size, will this be possible?

Depending on stock we will be able to process T-shirt swaps after the virtual event.  We won’t be able to post out new T-shirts, they will need to be collected.  Details of collection points will be released in due course.

What about the fun run?

All paid for fun run entries will automatically be transferred to 2021.  If you were part of a community group booking for the fun run your lead booker will be contacted separately.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a virtual fun run option.

What about business team runners and Jog Derbyshire members?

The same four options are available for these runners. We only collect the lead booker’s email address for these teams so please forward on the instructions and communications to your team members and ask them to let us know how they would like to proceed with their entry.

If you would rather process your whole team at the same time please email

What about runners representing partner charities?

If you are a charity runner, your charity will be contacted with options regarding your entry as this was initially purchased by them.

Why is there an administration charge for 2021 deferment and refunds?

Derby County Community Trust are a registered charity, with the Derby 10K being our largest fundraising event. 

As we were only two weeks away from the original event date when we went in to lockdown a high proportion of the event costs had already been accumulated. The main cost of events of this scale are race merchandise and administrative costs.  Race merchandise is available to our virtual runners and the majority of our participants already have their T-shirts (as we love for you to have them in advance of the event so you can run in them!) 

The charges applied to these options means we can recover a percentage of the costs associated with the event, which in turn ensures Derby County Community Trust can continue to offer impactful projects in the local community and can return to offer a race experience for 2021.

You can see more about our work and how the money raised from the Derby 10K is put to good use here

If you have any further queries please contact us via and we will respond as soon as possible.